Tool Management System

System that allows the management of the tools, components and subcomponents to be controlled in the machines of the production line or in the equipment maintenance. The system monitors and alerts the tool maintenance and exchange activities on the machines, as well as measurements and adjustments to be made and equipment maintenance.

Configurable in accordance with the characteristics of the machines and with the tooling of each customer, the system allows the choice of information to be controlled individually by machine, tool or equipment. It allows, according to the particularities desired, inventory control and traceability of the tools, as well as management reports for analysis of maintenance and production history.

Benefits achieved with the use of the system:


– Decrease in cost with tool acquisition and maintenance

– Possibility to evaluate and compare the performance of the tools of the various suppliers


– Possibility of measuring the relationship between the exchange of tools and the productivity of machines and equipment

– Standardization and better control of the production process and of the performed maintenances

– Real-time reports of the allocated tools and of the situation of each machine

– Management reports and alerts to users regarding the need for tool change and machine maintenance


– Traceability of controlled tools in the production process and in maintenance activities

– Organization and reduction of the number of tools in use

– Greater agility and safety in the maintenance of machines, tools and equipment

– Easier identification of problems in production or maintenance activities